Born1950 in Zaporozhye, Ukraine. Photographic artist. Created slide-multi-projection films for Soviet museums. Designed books, collaborated with magazines and advertising agencies. Contributed to numerous exhibitions in Russia and abroad. Had solo exhibitions. More than 100 photos of Mark Rozov are archived in the collection of the State Russian Museum (St. - Petersburg, Russia). The photos are in the collection of Multimedia Art Museum (Moscow, Russia), Tokyo Fuji Art Museum (Hachiōji-shi, Japan), Osthaus Museum (Hagen, Germany). Since 1999 he lives in Germany (Hannover).


The works of Mark Rozov represent a modern version of Pictorializm. His photographs don't imitate painting directly but overcome the objetivity and “omnivorousness” of the photographic image in their own way. Though emphatically haphazard and unposed. His compositions undermine photography's traditional role of presence and documentation. If this is reportage, then it's reportage from a different world, a snapshot of memory rather then events. Rozov's photographs are light recordings, reanimated shadows that have broken through the darkness of non-being with great effort. They come from the same place as the works of Russian nostalgic symbolism's “retrospective dreamers”, which resonated with “echoes of bygone days”.

         from the book “Russian contemporary art. 1950-2011”


... exquisite color combinations, delicate graphics allow us to consider Rozov's photographs as ancient half-erased frescoes, whose images have been lost, except for one and the main one - inhuman eternity.

from the book "The Poetry of Water in Russian Art"


Solo exhibitions:

1979 - The photographic art society of Lithuania, Kaunas, the USSR

1980 - House of Scientists , Dnjepropetrowsk, the USSR

1982 - The photographic art society of Lithuania, Kaunas-Vilnius - Schaulaj, the USSR

1983 - House of actor, Moscow, the USSR

1990 - Photogallery School, Moscow, the USSR

2003 - Theater Städtische Bühnen, Münster, Germany

2003 - Publishing company and gallery Erata, Leipzig, Germany

2008 - GalerieN, Nienburg, Germany

2009 - Galerie am angegebenen Ort, Paderborn, Germany

2009 - Galerie für Fotografie Winter, Hannover, Germany


Selected group exhibitions:

1993 - "The art of modern photography. Russia · Ukraine · Belarus". Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia

1998 - "Twenty years later. Dnepropetrovsk School of Photography", Center for Contemporary Art J. Soros, Moscow, Russia

2001 - "Vollbart, langes Haar ... das Bildnis Jesu Christi in der Fotografie", Fotografie Forum international, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

2007 - "Water", Bad Breisig, Germany

2007 - "Poetry of water in Russian art", Evian, France

(from the collections of the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg)

2007 - "Venus Sovietica", State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia

2008 - "Russian Ballet", Armonia international foundation of Art, Gaeta, Italy

2008 - "The Power of Water", State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia

2009 - 1 Photobiennale of the Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia

2010 - “Sky in the art”, State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia

2011 - "Russia Today", Nadja Brykina Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland

2011 - “Russian contemporary Art. 1950-2011”, Palazzo Caetani, Fondi, Italy

2012 - FOTOFEST 2012 BIENNIAL, Houston, Texas, USA

2013 - “BEAUTY WITHOUT CLAMOUR?“, State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia